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Nancy Johnson 

Certified Parent Coach

Parenting teens today is not what it once was. So who do you turn to? That's where I come in!

With 20+ years of parenting and teaching experience, and a Parent Coach Certification, I bring a wealth of knowledge to assist you in tackling the toughest parenting challenges. I truly enjoy talking about tweens and teens, education, and brain development. 


I pursued parent coaching certification as my own three children are now in college. I always knew I would find my way back to working with parents after my early career in family education. I look forward to getting to know you and offering support through life's joys and trials in the teen years. I would love to help you with the behavioral challenges of parenting teens and offer support in communication needs specific to the teenage brain. Each child and family is unique and there isn't a one-size-fits-all recipe for success but I can help you find YOUR success. 

I have lived in Minnesota for my whole life yet I'm always cold.

I LIVE for summers here, preferably on a lake or in a garden.

I prefer coffee over tea, dark chocolate over milk chocolate, and comedies over any other movie genre.

I hope we can share some laughs together as we walk through your parenting journey. 

Fun Facts About Me:

What is parent coaching?

Parent coaching is just what it sounds like. It's not counseling and it's not therapy. I emphasize mindfulness and focus on eliminating communication confusion. I offer insight into child/teen behavior and brain development to ease frustrations and battles you might experience in your family. Being informed about how the brain works naturally leads to more peaceful, Merry Parenting. Being a parent is a balancing act. I'll help you achieve a healthy work-life-family balance that nurtures both your children and your own well-being. Knowing is equipping and you'll end our sessions together feeling empowered and hopeful.

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