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Still Have Questions?


*Learn how to communicate better with your teen, fostering understanding and cooperation.

*Discover gentle yet effective discipline strategies that encourage your teen's individual growth and development.  

*Find techniques to manage the stress and overwhelm that can come with parenting. 

I offer coaching services that help you set goals with information that is based on child-development, and cognitive development. I'm a parent coach because I don't want any parent to feel hopeless or alone. While there is no such thing as a perfect parent, I can help you shift the perspective to a present parent which naturally leads to more cooperative, Merry Parenting.

What is coaching

Coaching and therapy are related fields, but not the same. Therapy supports the client with help to work through the past whereas coaching supports the client with goal setting in the present. 

How do sessions work

We'll meet via zoom. A package with me consists of four sessions including a 90-minute initial session with three 60-minute follow up sessions.  To work with me, click here. 

If you prefer in-person sessions, I can accommodate on a case-by-case basis. Contact Nancy for more. 

Do you accept insurance

Unfortunately, no. Coaching services are not covered through insurance. 

Do my children attend with me

No, my parent coaching services only work with parents. 

What are your qualifications

I have experience teaching and volunteering with parents, and am a parent myself. I have received my Parent Coach Certification through Anu Family Services and have a B.S. in Education. 

Let's work together. Book a free consult!

I would love to walk alongside you in your parenting journey to ease your concerns, encourage you, and cheer you on with guidance. There are countless resources available but it's confusing to know who has the right information for you and your family. I am committed to encouraging parents with services that provide hope in a judgement free zone where everyone is valued. 

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